Erick Erickson Tears Into “Stupid Idiot” QAnon Rep

Via email from right wing columnist Erick Erickson:

Marjorie Taylor Green, the QAnon Congresswoman, is shaming a restaurant in Atlanta. I think it’s called Argosy or something like that. It’s in Hipsterville, Atlanta. They put up a sign outside asking that only vaccinated people come inside. This happened after several of their staff got COVID and they had to shut down.

My understanding is they believe that it was patrons at the business who caused it, not the employees bringing it to work. But maybe it was the employees who were unvaccinated, but nonetheless, the restaurant now says, “Don’t eat here, if you’re not vaccinated” and a bunch of conservatives are claiming this is segregation.

No, no, it’s not segregation you idiots. It’s not remotely segregation. Segregation involves immutable characteristics given to you by God.

Segregation is God made you male, you’ve got to sit over here. God made you female, sit over there. God made you black, sit in the back. Segregation is not who did or did not get the vaccine. Segregation was based on police powers of the state that businesses used.

Segregation is a word that actually means something. You are no better than the leftist screaming racism about everything. When did people become so stupid and not very thoughtful?