Eric Clapton Won’t Play Venues That Require Vax Proof

The Daily Dot reports:

One of the most famous guitarists of the past half-century has been making headlines lately, but not because of his recently announced North American tour. Instead, 76-year-old Eric Clapton has become a vocal opponent of the COVID-19 vaccine after receiving one himself.

He alleges that the drug is responsible for “disastrous” side effects that caused numbness to his hands and feet. Even before making these dubious claims, Clapton had been outspoken against Britain’s shutdown measures.

In December 2020, two months before his injection, he appeared on Van Morrison’s anti-lockdown song “Stand and Deliver,” which accused the U.K. government of stripping away personal freedoms to contain the spread of the virus.

Rolling Stone reports:

Eric Clapton said he will not perform at any venues that require attendees to prove that they’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Clapton issued his statement in response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday, July 19th, that vaccine passes would be required to enter nightclubs and venues.

Clapton’s statement was shared via the Telegram account of film producer and architect Robin Monotti, who has also been skeptical of the Covid-19 vaccine and expressed other doubts about the U.K. government’s response to the pandemic.

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