Donors To Texas Border Wall Are Using Fake Names

The Texas Tribune reports:

Stephen F. Austin, Donnie Darko and a person who calls himself the King of the Wild Frontier were among the first people to give money to support Gov. Greg Abbott’s border wall effort after he announced he would be seeking private donations to help fund it.

But there’s no way to verify if Austin, who donated $10, is of any relation to the man known as the “Father of Texas,” or if Darko, who gave $25, bears resemblance to the titular character in the cult film about a teenage boy who meets a man in a bunny suit. The King of the Wild Frontier donated $50, but public records don’t state where he lives.

Abbott’s office is not disclosing the locations of donors, nor is it requiring that they identify themselves with their real names. “We expect full transparency and accountability,” Abbott said in June when announcing the crowdfunding effort. “So the public will know all the money coming in and how that money is being used.”

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