Diocese Fires Cultist Anti-Vax Priest Who Then Leads CPAC Prayer That “God Is All The Science We Need”

The La Crosse Tribune reports:

The Diocese of La Crosse announced Friday that it was removing a controversial La Crosse priest from his role as pastor. Father James Altman will no longer serve as pastor of St. James the Less, a Catholic church on La Crosse’s north side, after he delivered a slew of political messaging and misinformation. In May, Altman was asked to resign by the Diocese after he shared a number of messages about race, political affiliation, sex and gender, and misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Last September, the Tribune first reported on a video from Altman posted and produced by a right-wing media outlet where he claimed that Catholics could not be Democrats, calling them “Godless” imposters who are going to hell. He received more backlash in April for issuing a pamphlet to his parish urging them not to be “guinea pigs” of the COVID-19 vaccine and for loose precautions against the virus during services.

Read the full article. Altman has become, of course, a right wing folk hero and regularly appears on cultist shows.

Two separate crowdfunding campaigns in his benefit have raised, at this writing, $367,163 and $372,903.

Which brings us to yesterday’s CPAC prayer.