DeSantis Mocks CDC In Utah While COVID Rages In FL

Politico reports:

You couldn’t have a had more stunning split-screen view of the polarization over Covid-19 in Florida than in the previous 24 hours. News that Florida’s daily Covid-19 count soared to more than 16,000 new cases on Tuesday and hospital beds are beginning to fill up, has brought new fears that the coronavirus is raging uncontrolled across the state once again.

While this was going on back home, DeSantis was more than 2,000 miles away in Utah, where he gave a speech at the American Legislative Exchange Council (not on his public schedule by the way, but hey, transparency) where he mocked the CDC and proclaimed his continued resistance to mandates and lockdowns.

DeSantis opened up his speech by looking at the mostly unmasked crowd and said: “Did you not get the CDC’s memo? I don’t see you complying.”  He decried what he called the “hysteria” and “fear mongering” that has occurred during the pandemic. He contended again the surge underway is a “seasonal” phenomenon.

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ALEC, for those unaware, is a right wing group that writes “model legislation” for Republican reps to introduce in their home states. In the 1980s, ALEC was responsible for spreading some of the most vicious lies about LGBT Americans.