Cultist Rep Attacks Biden’s Vax Outreach As “Door To Door Spying On Americans’ Private Medical Decisions”

The Hill reports:

Freedom Caucus Chair Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) is attacking President Biden’s plans to conduct door-to-door outreach to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations, calling the effort “deeply disturbing.” Biggs and 31 other GOP House members confronted the administration on what he called a serious privacy violation in a letter sent to the president on Friday.

“There is no scenario where the federal government should be actively entering communities and traveling door-to-door to pressure Americans to receive a vaccine,” the letter reads. Biggs requested that the administration put more focus on dealing with the border crisis, inflation and “the crime wave” in cities “instead of meddling in private medical decisions.”

“The door-to-door spying on Americans is one more example of the burgeoning surveillance state by the national government,” he said.

Read the full article. Biggs, along with GOP reps Paul Gosar and Mo Brooks, were cited by extremist Ali Alexander as having helped him put together plans for the pre-riot rally at the US Capitol.