Cultist Pastor: God Is About To Kill All Heathens [Video]

“In 2015, God spoke to me and said Donald Trump would become president. Did not look possible. He became president. Most of us thought that he would become president again this time, and he was. He won it by about 80 million votes.

“When you go back and you read the scriptures, one of the things that’s going to happen before Jesus Christ comes back — the first thing that’s going to happen is the Bible said that God is going to release angels into the Earth and they are going to remove those that offend and commit iniquity in the body of Christ.

“And there is a death release from God that’s getting ready to hit the wicked – I’m not talking about spiritual death; I’m talking about natural death – that God is going to begin to kill wicked men and women in this nation that have stood and opposed the authority of the Holy Ghost.” –  Kent Christmas, earning wild applause and arm waving.

Start the clip at 1:30 for maximum crazy.