Cultist Leaves Racist, Anti-Gay Voicemail For Fanone During His Testimony Before House Committee [AUDIO]

Yahoo News reports:

Fresh off of delivering testimony at the first House committee hearing to investigate the January 6th Capitol insurrection, D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone was on Don Lemon Tonight Tuesday, where he shared a disturbing voicemail that he received from a stranger while he was testifying.

And that voicemail came with a serious warning from host Don Lemon. “It includes some incredibly offensive language, but we think people need to hear the kind of attacks that these officers are facing right now,” Lemon said. “Just for telling the truth about January 6th. Play it.”

The Daily Beast reports:

The caller said, “You’re so full of shit, you little faggot fucker. You’re a little pussy. You’re a lying fuck. How about all the scummy Black fucking scum destroying our cities and burning them. I wish they would have killed all you scumbags, ‘cause you people are scum. They stole the election from Trump. Too bad they didn’t beat the shit out of you more.” Fanone responded, “This is what happens to tell the truth in Trump’s America.”

The quote above is only a fraction of the racist, homophobic abuse in the voicemail. Listen to it in full. CNN just played the whole thing again with any bleeps.