Covidiots Launch Heineken Boycott Over Vaccine Ad

The New York Daily News reports:

Heineken has found itself on the “mighty real” receiving end of anti-vaxxer vitriol. The Dutch beer maker is facing threats of a boycott after posting a pro-vaccination advertisement on Twitter, which upset people who refuse to be inoculated against the COVID-19 virus.

The minute-long ad shows a group of elderly individuals dancing in a nightclub and then frolicking in the sea while imbibing the popular, green-bottled beer. A cover of Sylvester’s 1970s disco anthem, “Mighty Real,” is blaring in the background.

The ad is very cute. Anti-vax nutbags are pouring in the YouTube comments and downvoting the ad. Among the thousands of “Boycott Heinken” Twitter posts are videos of people pouring out the beer they already paid for. Yeah, we’ve seen this before.