Brown: The Gay Chorus Wants Your Kids, Send Money

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Dear Joe — For years, we have warned that gay activists are intent on pushing their radical agenda on children at the earliest ages possible. The radicals always denied this, but we frequently and consistently exposed exactly what they were doing.

Now there is a shocking and revolting admission by a gay men’s group that their aim is, indeed, to convert our children. Last week the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus released a slickly produced music video as a “message from the gay community.” Their message? “We’ll convert your children…We’re coming for your children.”

NOM has been on the front lines fighting the gay agenda for nearly fifteen years since our founding in 2007. The activists always claimed that they were simply seeking tolerance and fairness, but the reality is they seek special legal rights for the gay community and punishment for any group or individual who opposes them.

This is especially so for people who hold religious beliefs. Please help NOM continue our effort to stop the spread of the gay agenda to our children and grandchildren, especially through the schools, and prevent the targeting by gay activists of people of faith. Your donation to NOM will be 100% matched. Please give generously.

Just look at what they are openly admitting now in the more than 4-minute long video featuring scores of gay men repeating this refrain, as well as other lyrics aimed particularly at people of faith. This would all just be some sort of sick display if it weren’t so serious and so close to becoming a reality.

You see, much of the gay agenda is contained in sweeping legislation – the grossly misnamed Equality Act – that is pending in Congress.

Can I count on you to push back against the sick, perverse, revolting targeting of our children by gay activists in the culture and in Congress? Please be as generous as possible.

Brown’s email conveniently makes no mention of the death threats being rained down upon members of the chorus. We can only assume he approves.