British Anti-Vaxxer Calls For Executing Doctors Who Advocate “Satanic 5G Energy Weapon” Vaccine [VIDEO]

The Insider reports:

Mass anti-vaxx protests occurred in London last night, with one conspiracy theorist causing outrage for telling doctors and nurses that they could be tried and hung in Nuremberg-style trials. Kate Shemirani, a former nurse who was struck off the Nursing Council in June 2021 for spreading COVID misinformation, addressed the crowd.

She told them: “Get their names [of doctors and nurses]. Email them to me. With a group of lawyers, we are collecting all that. At the Nuremberg Trials, the doctors and nurses stood trial, and they hung. If you are a doctor or a nurse, now is the time to get off that bus… and stand with us, the people.”

Read the full article. In Britain, to be “struck off” means to lose your license to practice within your profession.