Bachmann Urges Fox Viewers To Buy “No Trespassing” Signs To Scare Away Vaccine Outreach Workers [VIDEO]

Fox News has the transcript:

I’m glad that this is an issue, and I want to urge all the viewers to go out and buy “No Trespassing” signs at the local hardware store – “No solicitor” signs. Affix them to your front doors, put them right out by your front stoop, end of your driveway, because the government has zero business to do this, zero right. And what they’re wanting all of us to do is to check our Bill of Rights, our civil liberties, at the door.

And it’s amazing. All of America is based upon the fact that we have rights against the government. And they want us, just as a matter of idea, [to] give up all of our first 10 Bill of Rights, our civil liberties, and say, “We’ll take it from here, we’re the federal government.”

Because don’t let anybody suffer any delusions about this. There is a database. There will be a database, and everybody will be in that database. And it’s not just vaccine status, it will be your entire medical history. It will be connected to your finances. This is going to get bigger, bigger, bigger, so you stop it now, and you don’t give any information to any government questioner at your door.