Australia Deports British Extremist Katie Hopkins After She Flouted Lockdown Rules Ahead Of Reality Show

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

Far-right British commentator Katie Hopkins was set to be deported from Sydney on Monday evening after she boasted about flaunting COVID-19 controls and the federal government cancelled her visa. NSW Police also issued Ms Hopkins a $1000 fine for failing to wear a mask on Friday night while in hotel quarantine in Sydney.

Ms Hopkins, who was reportedly in Australia for an upcoming series of Channel Seven’s Big Brother, told her 261,000 Instagram followers she had opened her door to guards naked and not wearing a mask to “call out” Australia’s quarantine system and lockdowns. The provocative post came as 12 million Australians were locked down in NSW and Victoria.

Read the full article. Caitlyn Jenner is also in Australia for the show. Hopkins, who was banned by Twitter last year, appeared on JMG last January when pranksters convinced her to fly to Prague to receive an award titled “Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy.” Check the acronym. Trump retweeted Hopkins multiple times.