Anti-Vax GOP Maine Rep “Really Sick” With COVID

Maine Public Radio reports:

Rep. Chris Johansen, a Republican legislator from the Aroostook County town of Monticello who has been an outspoken opponent of coronavirus restrictions, has reportedly contracted COVID-19. When contacted by the Bangor Daily News on Friday, Johansen said “I’m not talking” and hung up the phone.

The lawmaker’s wife, Cindy Johansen, who is the corresponding secretary-officer for the Aroostook County Republicans, shared on social media that she is sick with COVID-19. Neither Chris Johansen nor his wife have received a coronavirus vaccination.

On July 21, she posted that she was diagnosed with “covid and asthma.” She shared that it was “horrible to be alone” and that she was “going on day three,” an allusion to the required isolation of COVID-19 patients who have been admitted to a hospital.

Read the full article. Johansen has organized multiple lockdown protests outside the Maine Capitol and was stripped of his committee membership after leading an attempt to enter the state house without masks.