World’s Largest Christian Network Took Millions In PPP Bailout, Had Nearly A Billion Dollars In Annual Revenue

The Roys Report reports:

Despite having total revenues exceeding $933 million in 2019, the Texas affiliate of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) — the world’s largest religious television network — received more than $3.3 million in federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans last year.

According to The Trinity Foundation, TBN transferred more than $860 million in assets to its Texas affiliate, Trinity Broadcasting of Texas, in 2019. The group also received another $30 million that year in donations, $24 million from selling airtime and $17 million in investment income.

On its website Tuesday, Trinity Foundation questioned whether an organization with such substantial assets should qualify for a loan program meant to support small businesses.

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TBN broadcasts on scores of owned and affiliated stations around the United States and is transmitted worldwide on a network of 70 satellites.

Most of the nation’s major evangelical grifters have shows on TBN, including Pat Robertson, TD Jakes, Benny Hinn, John Hagee, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Rod Parsley, and Creflo Dollar. 

TBN also owns The Holy Land Experience, a Christian theme park in Orlando.

TBN founder Paul Crouch died in 2013. In 2004, Crouch paid a $425,000 settlement to male employee who claimed he had been forced to have sex with Crouch in order to keep his job.