Tony Perkins: I’m Now On 800 Stations, Send Money

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

After just five months of the Biden-Harris administration, many concerned citizens are wondering: What will America look like after four full years of this mess? Your response right now — before FRC’s critical fiscal year deadline at midnight tonight — could determine the answer.

Biden promised to unite America. Apparently, his guiding motto is “misery loves company.”

But as followers of Christ, we are a people of hope, not despair. We serve the One who can change hearts and situations. No matter how dark the culture becomes, we are called to stand firm for biblical truth, trusting that the light of the gospel will shine even brighter.

Providing biblical perspective on current issues, our daily Washington Watch with Tony Perkins program was added to Christian Satellite Network Radio in September and began recently broadcasting on HisChannel and Liftable TV. This dramatically expands our presence to reach millions of Americans on approximately 800 radio stations in 48 states, online, and emerging TV outlets.

Your support makes all of this and so much more possible! The radical Left would love for conservative Christians to give up, give in, and get out of their way as they transform America into their image. But we won’t back down!

These achievements bolster our hope that, by working together, we can see our country turn back to God. So, now is the time to stand up and be counted.

You can join us in this mission today by partnering with us through prayer for the nation and supporting us financially so we can continue to inform and inspire millions of like-minded Americans to make a difference.