Southern Baptist Lawyer Calls Effort To Address Abuse Scandal “Satanic Scheme To Distract From Evangelism”

The Roys Report reports:

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is already reeling from recent allegations that key leaders mistreated sex abuse survivors and tried to intimidate advocates.

Now comes another leaked document, showing that a former high-profile SBC executive called the movement to address sex abuse in the SBC “a satanic scheme to completely distract us from evangelism.”

The document is a 2019 email from August “Augie” Boto [photo], former executive vice president of the SBC’s executive committee and its general counsel.

The Christian Post reports:

Southern Baptist Convention leaders mishandled a “crisis of sexual abuse” in the denomination through methods such as intimidating whistleblowers into silence and exonerating churches with credible allegations of negligence of sexual abuse victims, according to Russell Moore, the former leader of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

In a May 31 letter to outgoing SBC President J.D. Greear, which comes in the wake of an earlier letter in which he exposed what he called “gutter level” racism in the denomination, Moore refers “specially to the crisis of sexual abuse as it relates to the SBC Executive Committee.”