Red-Caped Catholic Loons: Defend Yourself Against Woke Feminist Witches With The BVM’s Holy Rosary

Via email from Tradition, Family, And Property:

Dear Joe, Now the left is filling the void by going spiritual, but toward darkness. “Woke” witches are appearing online and offline to make common cause with liberal movements. The political left is welcoming the coven into its tent. Marx and magic are coming together, and not even the left’s most secular supporters are complaining.

Marxism thrives upon the idea of class struggle, and the witch easily fits into its false narrative by targeting young women as an oppressed group striving to be heard. Witchcraft infuses energy into the exhausted Marxist dialectic. Its dark fascination allows people to connect with rebel spirits that promise power to the powerless.

Today’s witches believe that witchcraft magic is a dark spiritual power that should be weaponized for social change and self-aggrandizement.

A second reason why witchcraft attracts women is that it is increasingly identified with the feminist cause. The feminist agenda for “rights” and political power no longer looks only for secular expression. It is now finding a voice in the macabre.

The best defense against witchcraft is a strong supernatural and sacramental life that fills the postmodern spiritual void with Catholic authenticity. This gives the person the strength to fight the growing satanic culture.

Alas, how many would be saved if they had recourse to the Mother of God, using the greatest weapon against Satan: the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Holy Rosary.