Proud Boy Denied Pre-Trial Release Due To Chronic Back Pain: Feds Note He Had No Problems Wielding That Axe

Washington DC’s ABC News affiliate reports:

A Kansas Proud Boy charged in the Capitol riot has asked a judge to release him from jail due to chronic back pain – a condition, prosecutors say, which didn’t prevent him from allegedly wielding an axe handle against police outside the Capitol.

William Chrestman, 47, was arrested in February along with four others connected to the Kansas City chapter of the Proud Boys.

Photos from the Capitol riot appear to show Chrestman in tactical gear and a respirator and carrying a wooden axe handle. He faces multiple charges, including conspiracy, civil disorder and threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer.

Read the full article. As I reported last month, Chrestman’s filing also demanded release so that he wouldn’t lose his disability payments.