PA Social Studies Teacher Charged In Capitol Riot

Law & Crime reports:

A Penn State graduate has been arrested and charged with numerous crimes in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol Complex, according to a recent filing in D.C. federal district court. Robert Morss, a now-former substitute teacher, was arrested by the FBI at his apartment in Glenshaw, Pa. on Friday morning on suspicion of having been at the front lines of the violent and deadly pro-Trump attack.

The filing goes on to allege that Morss repeatedly tried to rip a helmet visor away from another officer–and failed–and that he successfully ripped a riot shield away from yet another officer. Shield in hand, Morss allegedly took the lead among a group of rioters and instructed them to make a “shield wall” in order to repulse police and force their way through a tunnel into the Capitol.

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