Ohio House Expels Accused GOP Speaker In 75-21 Vote

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

It took nearly a year, but scandal-plagued Larry Householder is no longer in the legislature.

The Republican at the center of the House Bill 6 bribery scheme was expelled from the Ohio House on Wednesday on a 75-21 vote, which came after months of dithering and debate among House Republicans.

It marks the first time since the Civil War that an Ohio lawmaker has been expelled from office.

NPR reports:

Defiant to the end, Householder reiterated his innocence in a House floor speech before the vote and predicted again he would be acquitted of accusations that he orchestrated a $60 million bribery scheme meant to approve legislation to prop up two nuclear power plants and then kill a ballot issue trying to overturn the law.

“I have not nor have I ever taken a bribe or solicited or been solicited for taking a bribe,” Householder said. After the vote, Speaker Bob Cupp paused the House session briefly while Householder left without incident, trailed by reporters.