Nugent: Rioters Were Antifa And BLM In Trump Shirts

“We know that the January 6th event at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., those weren’t Trump supporters destroying stuff and breaking windows and being vandals. Those were Antifa and Black Lives Matter wearing Trump shirts and hats.

“I wanna be on record right now for that. Insurrection my ass. So let me make it clear: January 6th wasn’t an insurrection. Those were terrorists, like Black Lives Matter and Antifa dressed in Donald Trump shirts doing all the damage.

“The real Trump supporters were conservatives that believe in God, family, country, law and order trying to stop them. And I would ask… So why were the cops waving them in? And here’s the question America demands an answer to: who was the cop that shot the Navy vet?

“Was it Navy or Air Force? It doesn’t matter, ’cause warriors of the military are all heroes and warriors anyhow. I wanna know the cop’s name that shot the lady, and I wanna know what’s gonna happen to him.” – Ted Nugent, in a YouTube livestream.

Nugent is trending at #3 on Twitter this morning.