Meadows: DeSantis Won’t Run Against Trump In 2024

Yahoo News reports:

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows thinks the public can add Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to the list of Republican presidential hopefuls who won’t run against former President Donald Trump in 2024 should he enter the race.

“Gov. DeSantis has made it very, very clear that he is running for reelection as governor of Florida, but he doesn’t shy away from being very bold in terms of the initiatives that he’s putting forth,” the former House Freedom Caucus chairman stated, citing three days he recently spent with DeSantis in California.

Read the full article. Yesterday DeSantis narrowly edged out Trump in a straw poll of attendees at a right wing convention. It’s likely that Meadows was dispatched by Trump today as a warning to DeSantis.