CPAC’s Matt Schlapp: There’s A Lot Of Buzz That Trump Would Be “Crowned As Speaker Of The House” [VIDEO]

“His travel is coinciding with these different congressional races. There’s a lot of buzz out there that Donald Trump would even be potentially someone they would crown as speaker of the House should Republicans get the majority back.

“It’s an interesting conversation about Trump inserting himself in the fight for the Republicans to take back the majority. He’s going to be a big boost to the elephant’s chances to do that.

“He’s going to be a real balm, a real sense of comfort for the 75 million Americans who feel canceled. I feel like these rallies are going to be a tremendous injection of positive energy into our politics.

“And Nancy Pelosi had better beware because they have embraced these radical concepts.” – CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp, today on Newsmax.