LIVE VIDEO: Sentencing Of Ex-Cop Derek Chauvin

CNBC reports:

A Minnesota judge Friday rejected a request for a new trial for former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd. The denial came just hours before the judge is due to sentence Chauvin for the murder of Floyd.

Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill, in an order, wrote that Chauvin’s lawyer Eric Nelson had failed to show that Cahill committed errors that deprived Chauvin of a fair trial or that prosecutors engaged in misconduct.

Cahill also rejected a request by the defense for a hearing on possible misconduct by jurors, saying Chauvin’s lawyer failed to establish that a juror gave false testimony during jury selection. Prosecutors have asked Cahill to sentence Chauvin to 30 years in prison.

Read the full article. Sentencing proceedings are scheduled to begin at 2:30PM Eastern. I’ll bump this post back to the top shortly before then.