Homocon Riot Suspect Issues Desperate Money Beg Because “Leftist Activists Annihilated Me Financially”

Via email from Capitol riot suspect Brandon Straka:

Dear Patriots, On January 25th my home was raided and I was taken away in handcuffs and spent days locked in a concrete room with a metal door. I had no idea how long I would be trapped inside. I had no lawyer, and no information about the accusations against me or what I was charged with.

When I was finally released, the brutality against me truly began. Every day I faced a new “cancellation” in addition to the terror I was enduring from the weight of being prosecuted by the US Government.

Weeks after I got out of jail, a major US newspaper (to be named later) used their power to have me permanently banned from PayPal, Venmo, and Stripe- and they got my legal defense fund shut down.

Yes, you read that correctly……a leftist activist “news” source completely annihilated me financially, and successfully took away my ability to raise funds to substantiate my right to a legal defense. This is America.

Despite the hell that I’ve been through, and trust me- you all don’t even know a fraction of all of it at this point, I refused to cave in and give up. It’s never been my nature. That being said, I did begin to question how I could move forward from this financial attack.

With the help of my amazing team and a conservative friendly payment processor company (also to be named later!), I was able to CUSTOM BUILD my own payment support platform.

We last heard from Straka when he claimed that he was literally knocked off his feet by “swirling energy” when he realized how much he loves Trump.

Despite the above claim of “financial annihilation,” a separate crowdfunding drive currently shows that over $178,000 has been raised for Straka’s legal defense.

Donations by check are also being solicited to a rented mailbox in Spanish Harlem.