Hate Pastor: Chinese “Medical Mafia” Agents Gave Me COVID Because I Want Fauci Arrested And Interrogated

“There is a medical mafia in this country. I’m suggesting the CCP agents in America struck at me because I am calling for Fauci to be arrested and interrogated. I mean this with all my heart. If the China Communist Party is not stopped, most Americans may be dead in the next five years.

“Think about what I just said: a systematic, genocidal plan to exterminate the American population over the next five years through a variety of biological weapons and vaccines, to the point that there’s hardly anybody remaining alive in the country. China is deliberately exterminating the American population for the purpose of migrating hundreds of millions of Chinese settlers to North America.” – Hate pastor Rick Wiles.

Earlier this week Wiles’ substitute host claimed that Satan gave everybody at the show COVID because fellow host Milo Yiannopoulos has become ex-gay. Right Wing Watch notes that Wiles is “noticeably thinner and hoarse.”