Grifter Milo: Now That I’m Ex-Gay, Dogs No Longer Bark At Me, That’s How God Revealed Himself To Me [VIDEO]

“When I made my announcement, the first thing that happened — which will make you laugh, but it’s true — is dogs stopped barking at me.

“This is going to sound so stupid, but this is just how I think that God reveals himself to us, right? This is just my experience of it. Dogs just didn’t like me at all. But dogs don’t bark at me anymore, it happened almost overnight.

“Now they seem to quite like me and it sounds like the stupidest thing in the world.” – Milo Yiannopolous, who is hosting anti-vax hate pastor Rick Wiles’ show while Wiles recovers from COVID.

The show’s co-host is failed US Senate candidate Lauren Witzke, the self-proclaimed QAnon nutbag, flat earther, former heroin addict, and onetime drug mule for Mexican cartels. Like Milo, Witzke is banned from Twitter.