Graham: Pray For Those Brave VA Christians Fighting “Godless Socialist” CRT (Which Isn’t Even Being Taught)

Posted today to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

In 2016 I went to all 50 states holding prayer rallies for our nation and I urged Christians to run for office in their cities and communities—specifically for school boards—and this is exactly the reason why!

School boards are making decisions about what is being taught in our schools and the policies that will be followed. These impact our children and our grandchildren’s lives, and they impact the future of our country, so it is vitally important.

I’m thankful for the parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, who are speaking up and working to keep things like critical race theory and concerning transgender policies out of their schools. We have to stand up against the godless socialist agenda trying to divide us and take over this country.

Pray for the Christians in Loudoun County, that they would stand strong and speak the truth in love. And pray about how you can get involved in your city and make a real difference. Will you?

Graham’s post includes the link below.