GOP Reps Seek To Ban Racism History In DC Schools

The Hill reports:

A Wisconsin lawmaker on Friday became the latest Republican to offer a measure in opposition to critical race theory, floating a bill seeking to ban the academic framework from Washington, D.C., public schools.

Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.) announced the bill in a press release, with the legislation also backed by four co-sponsors: GOP Reps. Ralph Norman (S.C.), Pat Fallon (Texas), Bob Gibbs (Ohio) and Ronny Jackson (Texas).

Lawmakers have repeatedly attempted to pass bills on D.C. affairs, which they are allowed to do since the nation’s capital is not a state.

Read the full article. Grothman last appeared on JMG when he read a complaint about Cardi B’s “Wet Ass Pussy” into the congressional record. Before that, we heard from him when he coughed uncontrollably at the podium of a mask-optional state GOP event.