Georgia Boy Placed In Protective Custody After Family Shaves “Gay” Into His Hair And Films Physical Abuse

Metro Weekly reports:

A boy in Georgia who had “gay” shaved into his head by family members has been placed in protective custody.

Video of the 12-year-old youth being berated by his family went viral on social media earlier this month. In the video, the boy — identified only as Tyler — is surrounded by family members, who call him a “gay ass bitch” and accuse him of “doing gay shit.”

The video zooms in on the boy’s head, showing “GAY” has been shaved into his hair. A man in the video is also shown slapping and punching the boy. The video was uploaded to Instagram Live on June 17 by the boy’s mother, where it caused outcry and demands for police intervention.

Read the full article. Activists have saved the video, a link to which is available in the story. I don’t want to share it here though, it’s so humiliating for the child.