Gab And Parler Condemn Video Platform Rumble For Banning Anti-Semitic Hate After Trump Debuts Channel

From a Gab post by their CEO Andrew Torba:

On the day President Trump joined Rumble they changed their terms of service to ban “hate speech” with an explicit ban on “anti-semitic” messages, also known as any and all criticism of Israel and/or Jewish people. No mention of banning Anti-White hatred, which is still allowed. According to WayBackMachine a few days prior their terms did not include these things.

The tabloid US Sun reports:

The former president’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington said: “It is a great way to reach the American people in a time of unprecedented assault on free speech in our country by Big Tech tyrants.”

Harrington confirmed Trump joining Rumble was in addition to starting his own platform. More than 340,000 of his supporters subscribe to his channel as of Monday afternoon; more than 800,000 people had watched the rally.

Parler founder John Matze said: “I wonder how much equity or money Rumble had to give… The same rumble that runs entirely on Google ads. Google analytics, etc… IE big tech.”