Fox Host Demands To Know Who Is “Rounding Up” Capitol Rioters And What They’re Being Charged With

“We are hearing that we have more FBI resources applied to this than to anything else. That people are being rounded up all over the country and being charged in some cases with misdemeanors. We have SWAT teams that are being used to collect people and bring them back to Washington.

“We’re hearing that they are in some of the worst jails and that some of them are being put in solitary confinement where they only have an hour where they can go outside, if that. We hear that they’re being told that they have to pay funds so they can fix the Capitol building.

“And I ask myself, how about Black Lives Matter and Antifa? Who is rounding them up? Who is sending SWAT teams out to get them? I want to know who it is they are rounding up, what’s happened to them, what they are being charged with. This information needs to be made public.” – Fox host Mark Levin.

Rather obviously, the FBI and DOJ are not keeping the arrests or charges secret. In fact, the DOJ has an entire website section titled “Capitol Breach Cases.” There, you can find names, dates, charges, photos, and social media screencaps.