Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Launches Bid For AG, Vows To “Sue Biden Admin On Day One” [VIDEO]

The Texas Tribune reports:

Eva Guzman, the Republican former justice on the Texas Supreme Court, officially began her campaign against embattled Attorney General Ken Paxton on Monday, pledging to bring “honor and integrity” to the office as well as an extensive legal background that could set her apart from another primary candidate, George P. Bush.

Guzman said her experience also extends to her ability to fight the White House in court. She said she “will be ready to sue the Biden administration on Day 1 to protect Texans, and I’ve actually been in a courtroom and I’ve actually argued cases … on the very issues” that could come up in pushing against the White House.

Read the full article. Guzman, who was appointed to the state supreme court in 2009 by then-Gov. Rick Perry, appears to be positioning herself to the right of Paxton.