Feds Re-Arrest Accused Killer Pardoned By Now-Former Kentucky Gov After $20K Donation By Suspect’s Family

Law & Crime reports:

When Matt Bevin lost his 2019 re-election bid for governor, the Kentucky Republican controversially pardoned or commuted hundreds of criminal sentences on his way out the door, sparking an FBI probe. Less than two years later, federal authorities arrested one of several convicted killers pardoned by Bevin, charging him once again in connection with the same 2014 murder that was allegedly linked to a drug trafficking conspiracy.

After issuing the pardon, Bevin said publicly that he believed the evidence against Baker was “sketchy at best,” but soon thereafter The Louisville Courier-Journal reported that Baker’s brother and sister-in-law had hosted a campaign fundraiser in 2018 that raked in more than $20,000 for the Republican governor. The outlet also undertook a “weekslong” investigation into the evidence in Baker’s case, concluding that the evidence of his guilt was “overwhelming.”

Read the full article. The details of the killing are really something and evidence was far from “sketchy.”