Prosecutors Cite Gateway Pundit Interview In Bid To Keep Alleged Oath Keeper Riot Suspect Jailed Until Trial

And the hits just keep coming:

Federal prosecutors argued in court papers on Tuesday that a magistrate judge was wrong to allow a a 20-year Marine veteran charged in the Oath Keepers conspiracy case to get out of jail ahead of trial. The government argued that 44-year-old Jason Dolan — a Marine marksmanship instructor for a decade — is too dangerous to let out.

In the latest filing, prosecutors devoted an entire section to a The Gateway Pundit interview of an anonymous Marine veteran from May 24.

The magistrate judge said the government previously fell short in proving that the veteran was Dolan, but this time prosecutors claim they can show it was Dolan who espoused a “conspiracy theory” about police opening “magnetic locks” to let him and others into the Capitol.

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