Extremist Who Slapped Macron Is Already On Trial

The Guardian reports:

A medieval martial arts enthusiast who slapped the French president, Emmanuel Macron, across the face will appear before a judge in a fast-track trial on Thursday. Damien Tarel had acknowledged striking Macron while the president was on a visit to a professional training college, but told investigators it was not premeditated, the prosecutor Alex Perrin said in a statement.

The unemployed 28-year-old said during interrogation he had been close to the anti-government gilets jaunes (yellow vests) protest movement that shook the Macron presidency, and held ultra-rightwing political beliefs. Tarel was arrested along with a second man. Police found weapons, a copy of Adolf Hitler’s autobiographical manifesto, Mein Kampf, and a communist red flag in the second man’s home, Perrin said.

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