De Blasio Explains Ranked Voting With Pizza Toppings

The New York Daily News reports:

Stunning pizza lovers across all five boroughs, Mayor de Blasio Thursday suggested vegan cheese and clams as potential toppings in an ill-fated effort to explain the newfangled ranked-choice voting system for New York City primary election on June 22.

Hizzoner unveiled a bizarro chart of add-on’s as he tried to demonstrate how New York voters might negotiate the little-understood system that will be used to pick his successor in the June 22 Democratic primary.

The New York Post reports:

De Blasio, holding up a large eight-option “ballot,” ranked green peppers first, olives second, sausage third, mushrooms fourth and pepperoni fifth on his brick-oven ballot.

But pineapple, de Blasio explained, “doesn’t belong on pizza.” “We’re not in California, OK?” de Blasio playfully shouted. “This is sacrilegious in Italy to put pineapple on a pizza. No way.”

The mayor said he’s “not ready” for vegan cheese, which was also a choice on the mock rated-choice ballot, but he “honors what the vegan cheese-makers are doing.”