Cultist GOP Rep. Vicki Hartlzer Launches US Senate Bid

The Missouri Times reports:

After months of speculation, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler jumped into the U.S. Senate race Thursday — becoming the first congressional official and woman to do so. Hartzler, 60, drew on her faith while criticizing President Joe Biden and “socialist Democrat policies” in her campaign speech. Hartzler joins Attorney General Eric Schmitt, former Gov. Eric Greitens, and attorney Mark McCloskey in the race. The three men all announced their candidacies on Fox News.

Read the full article. Hartzler is one of the most vicious opponents of LGBT rights in the House, which is saying something. She appeared on JMG in 2019 when she hosted ex-gay torture advocates in her office next door to Rep. Ted Lieu, who had introduced a bill to ban the practice. Hartzler was among the 146 GOP House reps who voted to overturn the presidential election.