Cruise Giant: Unvaccinated Must Buy Travel Insurance

The Hill reports:

Royal Caribbean cruises departing from Florida are requiring unvaccinated passengers above the age of 12 to buy travel insurance for medical and travel costs that could occur if they get COVID-19. The company announced on Tuesday unvaccinated passengers must get $25,000 in medical expense insurance and $50,000 insurance for quarantine and medical evacuation costs.

The insurance is required for cruises that leave from Florida from Aug. 1 to Dec. 31. The policy will not apply to people who booked their cruises between March 19 and Monday. Along with proof of insurance, unvaccinated passengers will have to wear masks indoors and won’t be allowed in certain lounges and areas of the ship. The costs of COVID-19 tests will also be put on unvaccinated passengers with tests for cruises less than six days being $136 and cruises more than seven days being $178.

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