Christian Show: Satan Gave All Of Our Crew COVID Because His “Favorite Sodomite” Milo Is Now Ex-Gay

“I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the TruNews crew all got deathly ill – got very sick – right after they brought Milo onto their show and he shared his testimony.

“You have to remember that this is a spiritual battle as well and our enemy retaliates. This was retaliation.

“We constantly battle demonic spirits and demonic attacks on ourselves and we as Christians must stay equipped. And also we must stay prayerful as we walk into these times.

“It was no coincidence that Rick and his crew are in the situation they’re in because they stood for Christ and had, you know, the spine to bring Milo on and share his platform and his testimony.

“Milo was somebody who belonged to the darkness. He was Satan’s favorite sodomite, wasn’t he?” – Lauren Witzke, filling in for anti-vax hate pastor Rick Wiles while he recovers from COVID.

RELATED: Witzke, who ran a failed bid for the US Senate in Delaware last year, is a QAnon nutjob, flat earther, and self-proclaimed former drug mule for Mexican cartels. In 2017, she was arrested on multiple charges including DUI, meth and heroin possession, resisting arrest, and smuggling contraband into a prison. Witzke, who has associated with far-right anti-Semitic and white nationalist figures, was banned by Twitter last month.