Christian Group: Boycott Leftist Dick’s Sporting Goods

From the “Christian consumer” outfit 2nd Vote:

Although Dick’s Sporting Goods used to be a beloved outlet for all your sporting needs, recent years have seen the company take a hard left turn. Despite giving moderate donations to The Salvation Army, their activism primarily leans toward liberal philanthropy.

The most troubling of which is their stance on the 2nd Amendment; which includes the destruction of more than $5 million worth of firearms, stripping firearms from their shelves altogether in roughly half of their stores, and their CEO signing a business coalition letter to the U.S. Senate in support of “Red Flag” confiscation laws.

For these transgressions, Dick’s Sporting Goods receives poor scores across most of our 2ndVote key issues.

Alternatively, 2ndVote shoppers can visit Dick’s Sporting Goods’ primary competitors, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s. With nearly identical product offerings, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s (which is owned by Bass Pro) make for a solid choice for your 2ndVote dollars.

Bass Pro’s partnership with the NRA to create the NRA’s National Sporting Arms Museum goes hand in hand with their offerings of hunter safety, firearm safety, and concealed carry classes. This kind of support for our 2nd Amendment rights ensured that Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s received positive points on the 2ndVote issue.

2nd Vote appeared on JMG in December 2019 when they called for boycotting Chick-Fil-A because “LGBT unicorns have vowed to destroy Christianity.”

2nd Vote maintains a listing of major US corporations and activist organizations which are graded on how much they love Jesus.