Catholic League Blames LGBT Rights On “White People”

Via press release from the Catholic League:

The Holy See is fighting an LGBTQ-inspired bill in Italy that would encroach on the free speech rights of the Catholic Church.

The bill, which is the work of Alessandro Zen, a homosexual lawmaker, is being promoted by his followers as a necessary step to combat violence and hate speech. It is the latter issue that concerns the Holy See.

Italy already has laws that condemn homophobia, so Zen’s bill calls into question whether this proposed law is necessary. Catholics are rightly concerned that its real target is to muzzle their free speech rights.

Such initiatives have been interpreted in many democratic countries in very expansive ways. What makes this such a serious matter is that those found guilty of hate crimes can face up to four years in prison.

LGBTQ activists are not well represented in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, China or Japan. They tend to flourish wherever well-educated, totally amoral, white people live.

The Holy See has every right as a sovereign state to fight this menace. It is not the Catholic Church that is intolerant; rather, it is the zealots involved in this crazed movement.