Carlson: Proof Of Vax Rules Are “Medical Jim Crow”

“Just this morning, The New York Times informed us that, unless you can prove you’ve taken the injection that the Democratic Party demands you take, you are no longer permitted in bars, comedy clubs, even some dance competitions in the state of New York.

“You’re too dirty to appear in public. You’re not welcome near normal people. Want to watch the NBA playoffs in person? You had better be vaccinated to do that. Otherwise, the New York Knicks will bar you from Madison Square Garden.

“You can still go see a baseball game if you want to, but be warned you will be sitting in your own roped off section, marinating in your shame with the other disobedient bad people.

“Medical Jim Crow has come to America. If we still had water fountains, the unvaccinated would have separate ones.” – Tucker Carlson, going on to lie that requiring proof of vaccination violates HIPAA.