Brown: I’m So Broke “I Feel Like Pulling Out My Hair”

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Dear Joe — Sometimes I feel like grabbing my head and pulling out my hair. That’s what I feel like right now as I watch all the challenges to our beliefs and values that are coming, one after the other. One, the deadly Equality Act legislation that would impose so much of the extreme LGBT agenda on us.

Two, the threat of toppling the conservative majority on the Supreme Court by packing the court. Three, the stacking of the deck against us electorally by giving Democrats in Washington DC control over all state elections. Four, the attempt to make the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico states, thus ensuring four new leftist Democrat Senators.

We are involved in all of these fights, but most in playing a leading role in trying to stave off the Equality Act. It’s tough work, and here is the honest truth: we are out of money. We’ve put everything we have into this battle.

Our best hope to immediately improve our lot is maxing out the $50,000 matching gift opportunity made available to us that expires at midnight tonight (PDT).

We urgently need every single dollar we can raise, but unfortunately right now are thousands of dollars behind. Some might say we need a miracle, but that’s incorrect. All we need is you, and other people like you.