Brian Brown: Boycott “Nauseating” Burger King, Send Money To “Shock Their Customer Base” Against LGBTs

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

The giant international fast food corporation Burger King has embraced a nauseating new strategy to sacrifice the values of people of faith and other Americans who hold traditional values.

They are trying to leverage their pro-LGBT corporate virtue-signaling during so-called “Pride Month” – a month long celebration of the radical agenda of LGBT extremists – to promote the launch of their new chicken sandwich.

They’re promising to donate 40 cents from the sale of each of 625,000 Ch’King sandwiches to the nation’s largest homosexual lobby group, the Human Rights Campaign, to help them push their grossly misnamed Equality Act legislation in Congress.

Not only is this a tasteless and divisive attack, but it promotes legislation that risks the privacy and safety of millions of Americans.

We will be launching an international petition to educate people about this corporation’s embrace of legislation that institutionalizes the killing of human life and the destruction of timeless, universally-held values like marriage and the biological nature of sex.

Please make a generous donation to help us make sure that we hit a scale on this protest to cause real problems for Burger King, which has literally sacrificed the interests of the overwhelming majority of citizens in order to curry favor with the small but powerful LGBT community.

We expect to launch our petition in the next few days. When we do launch, it’s critical that we hit a scale that will shock the Burger King customer base into action, pledging to stop shopping at this company that is willing to sacrifice the interests of the majority of their customers in order to please radical extremists in the LGBT movement.

We want people to fully understand exactly what Burger King’s virtue-signaling really stands for by their support for the Equality Act legislation pending in Congress.