Branch Covidian Pastor: The World Has Enough “Fag Sissy Preachers,” It Needs Men With “Callused Knees”

“The world needs manly preachers. There’s enough fag, queer, skinny-jeaned, homo-effeminate, sissy preachers out there with makeup and mascara on their eyes for the camera.

“Isn’t about time you get some sweat on your forehead? Isn’t about time you get some dirt under your nails and get some grease on your hands? Isn’t about time you get some blood on your sword? Cursed be the man that keepeth his sword from blood!

“We need heroes in this hour! Heroes have callused knees. Heroes might get terminated from their jobs. Heroes might not get invited to the family reunion.

“But I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold.” – Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell, screaming as excited men run circles around him.

Yesterday Roy Moore filed an appeal on Spell’s behalf with the Fifth Circuit Court due to Spell’s multiple convictions for defying COVID lockdown rules.

Spell was also charged with reversing a church bus in an alleged attempt to run over a protester.

In November 2020, the Supreme Court refused to hear his suit to overturn Louisiana’s lockdown rules.