BOOK: Trump Deal To Join Parler With 40% Stake In Site Fell Apart When They Refused To Ban His Critics

The Insider reports:

Former President Donald Trump was prepared to become an active user of social-media site Parler if it banned his critics — but it resisted doing so, according to an excerpt from an upcoming Michael Wolff book.

In an excerpt from “Donald Trump’s January 6: The view from inside the Oval Office,” published in New York Magazine on Monday, Wolff wrote that Trump’s representatives approached Parler when Trump was in office, proposing that he join the platform once he left the White House.

Under their proposal, Trump would receive 40% of Parler’s gross revenues, and Parler “would ban anyone who spoke negatively about him,” Wolff wrote. “Parler was balking only at this last condition,” he wrote.

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