Aussie Cops Use Road Spikes To Stop Covidiot [VIDEO]

Australia’s ABC News reports:

A South Australian woman who was arrested for allegedly failing to stop at a COVID-19 border crossing, after posting an anti-mask video live on social media, has been refused bail.

Celeste Lockwood, 37, from Renmark, appeared at the Berri Magistrates Court on Thursday charged with aggravated driving dangerously to escape a police pursuit, driving disqualified and failing to comply with a direction under the Emergency Management Act.

Police alleged Ms Lockwood stopped for several minutes at the Yamba border crossing near the Victorian–South Australian border and spoke to police before taking off. Police said road spikes were used to stop her car near Loxton North.

Read the full article. South Australia currently has a “hard border” with Victoria and those who enter the state must complete a 14-day quarantine.