Anti-Vaxxers Protest TX Hospital For Firing Covidiots

Houston’s Fox News affiliate reports:

Several dozen protesters gathered Saturday outside Houston Methodist Hospital to voice their opposition to the hospital’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy. “I’m running out of options for my career because of a mandatory vaccine that could affect my fertility,” said Keri R, a registered nurse previously at Houston Methodist. “They’re not giving proper informed consent,” said Jennifer Bridges. “They’re turning people into guinea pigs without them knowing the difference.”

Bridges worked at Houston Methodist for roughly 7 years before getting fired for refusing the mandatory vaccine. The registered nurse says she has COVID-19 antibodies from having already had the virus and doesn’t want the vaccine because it’s not FDA approved. “I have personally witnessed horrible adverse reactions to hundreds and hundreds of people,” said Bridges. “It scares me because the public doesn’t know the truth.”

Read the full article. As you can see in the second clip below, Russian state media was there to record their idiotic claims about the Nuremberg Code and rest of the usual crapola.